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With our extensive deal pipeline and knowledge, we are creating a product which is uniquely attractive given the current market environment.
Cornhill AG
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Cornhill AG offers institutional investors an attractive yield by acquiring a portfolio of cash flow positive office buildings in the best possible secondary locations in Germany.

Investment Strategy

Focussed on office properties, single transaction volume between EUR 5M and EUR 30M in excellent and good micro locations of German secondary cities.


Tenants in regional cities are stickier than in the Top 7 cities, reflecting both less choice and less active leasing behaviour (or less professional asset management).


A suitable off market office real estate portfolio of EUR 300M has been offered to Cornhill AG with the potential acquisition taking place in the first half of 2021.

Cornhill’s Business case is very solid.

Cornhill will purchase office space at an average price of ca. EUR 1750 per sqm which is far below the replacement value of ca. EUR 3500.

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