About CornhillAG
Mission Statement

Cornhill AG offers institutional investors an attractive yield by acquiring a portfolio of cash flow positive office buildings in the best possible secondary locations in Germany.

  • Cornhill is raising EUR 265M to acquire and to create an attractive real estate portfolio of more than EUR 750M in value.
  • As an active property portfolio manager and with a highly experienced Management Team the goal is it to combine and to manage a core business strategy with a steady growth of value and income. 
  • Cornhill AG will generate positive cash flows from day one on its operations.
  • Cornhill has a deal pipeline of more than 50 properties with an asset value of more than EUR 800M that all fulfil Cornhill’s investment criteria.
  • A suitable off market office real estate portfolio of EUR 300M has been offered to Cornhill AG with the potential acquisition taking place in the first half of 2021.
  • Additionally, Cornhill AG has been offered another suitable office property portfolio with an asset value of EUR 210M.

With our extensive deal pipeline and knowledge, we are creating a product which is uniquely attractive given the current market environment.

Cornhill’s business case is very solid.
  • The company will be cashflow positive from day one, with no development risk and an average length of tenant agreements of 5 years +.
  • Cornhill will purchase office space at an average price of ca. EUR 1750 per sqm which is far below the replacement value of ca. EUR 3500.
  • The low rent of ca. EUR 8.50 per sqm has upside potential to increase the rental yield from today’s 6%.
  • Building the portfolio today, gives the opportunity to choose tenants that are less affected by Covid-19.
  • Protected from higher interest rates by locking in senior loans for 10 years at below 2% p.a. interest.
  • Safe haven, Germany is acknowledged to be Europe’s strongest economy with real estate being its safest sector.
  • Secondary locations offer better yields, less competition in the future thanks to the higher replacement value and lower vacancies than the A cities and therefore offer a better risk return profile leading to more security.