Investment Highlights

Opportunity to participate in the build-up of an office portfolio in excellent locations in German tier two cities.

  • Portfolio will be built to roughly EUR 750M and exit via a series of block trades or refinancing in 4-6 years’ time
  • Pipeline and two additional off market portfolio transactions would have a combined volume of more than EUR 1.3Bn with some exclusivity provided
  • Local German senior finance structure involves long term loans with LTV of 65% and amortization of 2% per year
  • Experienced management team, with 50+ years’ experience in building large real estate portfolios
  • Focus on cash-flow generating properties in tier 2 cities, no trophy assets
  • Only existing high-quality properties, no development and/or project risk with high capital expenditure
  • Purchase price approx. 50% of new construction value; purchase price at roughly ca. EUR 1750/sqm compares with new construction cost at ca. EUR 3500/sqm

Semi-annual Reporting
Pledge of shares in the holding company
Size sought EUR 265M